New Release: Beachy Keen Hybrid Scrapbooking Kit & Punny Rabbit

Recently I have been thinking about how popular my Project Life Downloads have been. Seeing the demand, I have decided to start creating more in-depth sets. Looking back at the "monthly" collections I've created, I realized they weren't ones I would personally enjoy using. I'm so happy that so many of you disagree and still download them, but I want to use them too!

Even though I've had supplies since 2013, I've actually only started to pocket scrapbook with the start of this year. After just three spreads I fell way behind, but now (SEVERAL months later) I've managed to [basically] catch up on the photo printing. Now is when I get to start doing the fun, scrappy part! However, if I want to catch up, I really need supplies that I love and that are efficient. For me, that requires a much more minimal style. Hopefully this will be reflected in all of my upcoming collections.

Anyway, on to the pretties! Here is my very first premium collection, Beachy Keen. Although it's September, now is the time we grasp those summer memories and refuse to let go! Beachy Keen is inspired by those beach sunsets, after a hot summer outing. Besides patterned papers, the pricing is $1 per page of goodies. You can get the journal cards, embellishments, and patterned papers individually or as a 20% discounted kit! Also, for a very limited time, use offer code "welcomepunny" to get the whole kit for free!

You may notice the new branding. I am piloting the Punny Rabbit brand to differentiate my hybrid creativity products from my personal/graphic design identity. Follow along with my new adventure on Instagram @thepunnyrabbit. Spoiler alert: there will be giveaways, sales, and creative opportunities in the future :)

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