#SASENC2017 / Chicago

SASE, the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers, had their 7th annual national conference this weekend in Schaumburg, Illinois. This year marks their 10th year anniversary, as well as my 5th and final year working with them on graphic design and videography. Since I started in 2012, the attendees have increased by 6x to 3000! It’s crazy to look back at the growth of the organization, as well as my designs. Check out my work from the last couple conferences here:

 #SASENC2015 / #SASENC2016


After the conference, I was able to make it out to Chicago for a tiny bit. I went there countless times when I lived in Michigan, so I wasn't too disappointed with my short stay. It felt nice to be back in the Midwest, but I am definitely a cold weather wimp now!


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