To try: 6 Mouse Pads (that aren't fugly)

I'll admit it. I've stopped using a mouse for a while now. I use my computer on my bed and couch a lot, plus I somehow don't have a mousepad. So since my hand has started to cramp up, I've been looking around. While you could probably find a free one somewhere, here are some nicer looking ones - all under $20:

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1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

1. Comfy
I used this one for years, and it's the best selling mouse pad on Amazon. They make it in three colors - if only there were more options..
Get it here

2. Roomy
Plenty of room for all of your gadgets and hands..and a calendar, business cards, and photos. Also, look at that smiley face! Comes in four colors.
Get it here.

3. Cute
I'm a sucker for fat white cartoon rabbits. End of story.
Get it here.

4. Sleek
I never knew aluminum mousepads existed, but I must say they're quite beautiful. This minimal slab is available in three apple-esque colors.
Get it here.

5. Heated
What?! Heated?! I always have trouble working in the winter because my hands get cold so easily. This may just solve things. Comes in two colors.
Get it here.

6. Mixed Media
Yet another aluminum mousepad. This one throws in some leather for a luxurious touch, and extra space for accessories. There are two colors available.
Get it here.

I can't decide! My hand may have to suffer a little longer..

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